StoryLine, call 952-352-1350 to hear a children's story read aloud.

Now an excellent children's book is just a phone call away!
Call anytime to hear a local actor read aloud quality children's literature.

*Except where long distance charges may apply.

Our StoryLine Readers

Watch this page for photos and bios of your favorite readers:

  • Daniel Abdon
  • Willi Brennaman
  • Adena Brumer
  • Michelle Cassioppi
  • Dan Geiger
  • Delta Giordano
  • Gay Glenn
  • Roi Ann McRaith
  • Paul Mockovack
  • Michelle Myers
  • Tom Sherohman
  • Kevin Wery
  • Ethan Teng Xiong
  • Patsy McKenzie
  • Miss Patty


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