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There is a plethora of stories about Moms/Mamas/Mommies out there.  There are many about “Are you my mama?” and “Mommy will you love me if…?”  But there are others that branch off and tell about what being a mom means and that a baby doesn’t have to be born to someone for them to be it’s mama.  Interestingly, all but four of the 31 stories on our list are written by women…

    1. My Monster Mama Loves Me So*  by Laura Leuck
    2. Mom Pie*  by Lynne Jonell
    3. My Mom is a Firefighter*  by Lois G. Grambling
    4. Hair for Mama*  by Kelly A. Tinkham
    5. A Mama for Owen*   by Marion Dane Bauer
    6. What Mommies Do Best  by Laura Numeroff
    7. Mama’s Favorite  by Brigitte Sidjanski
    8. Big Mama’s  by Donald Crews
    9. Mama Always Comes Home  by Karma Wilson
    10. Mama’s Saris  by Pooja Makhijani
    11. Is Your Mama a Llama?   By Deborah Guarino
    12. Are You My Mother?  By P.D. Eastman
    13. The Runaway Bunny  by Margaret Wise Brown
    14. A Mother for Choco   by Keiko Kasza
    15. Mama, Do You Love Me?  by Barbara M. Joosse
    16. Llama Llama Mad at Mama  by Anna Dewdney
    17. Mommy Do You Love Me?  by Jeanne Willis
    18. Grandma Calls Me Beautiful  by Barbara M. Joosse
    19. Where’s My Hug?  by James Mayhew
    20. Where’s My Mommy?  by K.T. Hao
    21. Whopper Cake  by Karma Wilson
    22. The Moon Might Be Milk  by Lisa Shulman
    23. Where’s My Mom?  by Julia Donaldson
    24. Mama’s Milk  by Michael Elsohn Ross
    25. Just What Mama Needs  by Sharlee Glenn
    26. Mama Zooms  by Jane Cowen-Fletcher
    27. Mommy’s Best Kisses  by Margaret Anastas
    28. Mama Mine, Mama Mine   by Rita Gray
    29. Ma Dear’s Old Green House  by Denise Lewis Patrick
    30. My Mama Had a Dancing Heart  by Libba Moore Gray
    31. How Mama Brought the Spring by Fran Manushkin

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