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Hmong Tales

Folktales around the world all began as an oral tradition--being passed down from generation to generation by storytellers and family members.  And so it has been with the Hmong.  It wasn't until recently that any of these oral tales have been recorded in writing.  And the list here only represents a small portion of those tales, as most have not been published in books.  Hopefully as time goes on more of these tales will be recorded and made available. 

Although most of the tales listed here are folktales, The Whispering Cloth, Tangled Threads and Little Cricket are all fictional accounts of the Hmong refugee experience and their struggle for freedom.  Visit www.hmongnet.org for more information.

  1. The Whispering Cloth: a refugee’s story*  by Pegi Deitz Shea
  2. Yao, the Orphan*
  3. Farmer Boy - Why Farmers Have To Work So Hard*
  4. Jouanah: A Hmong Cinderella*  adapted by Jewell Reinhart Coburn with Tzexa Cherta Lee
  5. Nine-In-One Grr! Grr!  told by Blia Xiong  adapted by Cathy Spagnoli
  6. Dia’s Story Cloth stiched by Chue and Nhia Thao Cha
  7. The Eagle and the Moon Gold  adapted by Yeemay Chan
  8. Only a Toad  told by Cher Thao  adapted by Brian & Heatehr Marchant
  9. The Story of the Turtle and the Giant Hornbill  story writer Gerry Vue & David Vue
  10. Folk Stories of the Hmong: Peoples of Laos, Thailand and Vietnam (a collection of stories and information) written and edited by Norma J. Liva & Dia Cha
  11. Six Hmong Folktales  compiled by Charles & Ava Dale Johnson
  12. Myths, Legends, and Folk Tales fom the Hmong of Laos  edited by Charles Johnson
  13. The Flood (Hmong Family Names) told by May Yang
  14. The Orphan and Nia Ngao Zhua Pa  told by May Yang
  15. The Woodcutter, his Rooster and his Wife  told by Shoua Vang
  16. The Monkeys and the Grasshoppers (from Nchia and Ncho)  told by May Yang
  17. Ngao Njua and Shee Na (The Story of the Plain of Jars)  told by May Yang
  18. The Dog and the Wolf  told by Sai Yang Vang
  19. A Baby Duckling in a Chicken’s World  told by Sai Yang Vang
  20. Tangled Threads: A Hmong Girl’s Story  by Pegi Deitz Shea (chapter book)
  21. Little Cricket  by Jackie Brown  (chapter book)

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