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This is an amazing theme—reading all of the stories really shows the universality of the creation myth and the story of the great flood.  It makes you wonder—did the great flood really happen?  Why do different peoples around the entire world all share this same story?  It is also fascinating to see how each culture incorporates their cultural beliefs, traditions and ways into the telling of the story of their beginning to make it their own.  Although these are all excellent stories to tell aloud (since their origin came from storytelling), the art in these books is wonderful—most use the native art style of the people to show the culture it came from.

  • Big Momma Makes the World*  by Phyllis Root
  • The Great Canoe: A Kariña Legend*  retold by Maria Elena Maggi
  • Remaking the Earth: A Creation Story from the Great Plains of North Americaretold by Paul Goble
  • Creation, Flood, Naming Story* (from Folk Stories of the Hmong) retold by Norma Livo & Dia Cha
  • Sun Mother Wakes the World: An Australian Creation Story*  retold by Diane Wolkstein
  • Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden  retold by Jane Ray
  • The Story of Noah and the Ark  retold by Michael McCarthy
  • Lord of the Animals: A Native American Creation Myth  retold by Fiona French
  • Creation: My Father Love Me  by J.D. Wise
  • Earth Mother^  by Ellen Jackson
  • When God Made the Dakotas  by Tim Kessler
  • The Dog Who Walked with God  retold by Michael Rosen
  • The Heavenly Emperors: Chinese Myths of Creation  retold by Song Nan Zhang
  • All of You was Singing  by  Richard Lewis
  • Cry of the Benu Bird: An Egyptian Creation Story  retold by C. Shana Greger
  • The Tree That Rains: The Flood Myth of the Huichol Indians of Mexico  retold by Emery Bernhard
  • The Golden Flower: A Taino Myth from Puerto Rico  retold by Nina Jaffe
  • Mama God, Papa God: A Caribbean Tale  retold by Richardo Keens-Douglas
  • People of Corn: A Mayan Story  retold by Mary-Joan Gerson
  • The Great Flood (from Korean Children’s Favorite Stories) retold by Kim So-un
  • The Frog and His Friends Save Humanity  retold by Victor Villaseñor
  • And in the Beginning…  by Sheron Williams
  • Bones in the basket: Native stories of the origin of people  retold by C.J. Taylor
  • The Creation of the World and The Great Flood (from The Wonderful Sky Boat—and Other Native American Tales of the Southeast) retold by Jane Louise Curry
  • Llama and the Great Flood: A Folktale from Peru  retold by Ellen Alexander
  • The Gift of Changine Woman (an Apache story)  retold by Tryntje Van Ness Seymour
  • Nyumba ya Mumbi: The Gikuyu Creation Myth  retold by Kariuki Gakuo
  • The People With Five Fingers: A Native Californian Creation Tale  retold by John Bierhorst

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