StoryLine, call 952-352-1350 to hear a children's story read aloud.

Now an excellent children's book is just a phone call away!
Call anytime to hear a local actor read aloud quality children's literature.

*Except where long distance charges may apply.



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OneNeck IT Solutions
OneNeck is an expert provider of hybrid IT solutions tailored for mid-market and enterprise companies that provides high-tough customer service.   They believe in giving back to their community and generously register our web site each year and host our web site and e-mail.  You can find us at www.storylinemn.org.


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Black Box:  Leaders in DVH – Data, Voice and Hotline Services
Black Box is a global leader in technology services providing information technology, network and communication systems solutions to business clients worldwide.  Headquartered in the Twin Cities, Black Box has sales and consulting service offices located in more than 65 locations in North America and Europe.

For more than 25 years, Black Box has honored its commitment to a spirit of shared responsibility for the community.  They have donated their time, money, skills and equipment with one goal in mind—to improve the quality of life in the communities where they live and do business.  Their involvement in StoryLine, by supplying the telephone system, is another program that reinforces their commitment to education and the community.




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