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My Monster Mama Loves Me So  by Laura Leuck
This young three-eyed, pointy eared, four-armed, three-legged, fanged monster tells about all of the things his monster mama does to show she loves him, like bake him cookies filled with bugs, watch him play beastball and take him swimming to the swamp.

Mom Pie by Lynne Jonell
Two boys, Christopher and Robbie, know their mom loves them—but this day she is just too busy getting ready for company to show them how much.  They think up something special to make themselves feel better—a mom pie.  Listen to find out just what that is!

My Mom is a Firefighter  by Lois G. Grambling
Being a mom is a very important job.  But Billy’s mom has two important jobs—being a mom and being a firefighter. Some days she doesn’t even sleep at home—she has to stay over night at the fire station.  Billy likes to stop in a visit when it isn’t busy and help his mom when he can.

Hair for Mama  by Kelly A. Tinkham
Marcus’s family loves family picture day, but this year  is different.  Mama doesn’t want to be in the pictures since she lost all of her hair because of her chemotherapy medicine for her cancer.  So Marcus is determined to find her some hair and make her feel better.

A Mama for Owen  by Marion Dane Bauer
Owen, a baby hippo, and his mama are best friends.  They are always together.  But then one day Owen and his mama are washed out to sea.  When Owen lands safely on shore his mama is gone—but he finds a new mama.  His name is Mzee and he is a giant tortoise.  (based on a true story)


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