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John Adams Speaks for Freedom    by Deborah Hopkinson
This non-fiction book tells us about John Adams, our second president and a very important person who fought for American independence from England.  It includes the important Continental Congress meeting where they debated American independence from England—and finally voted to pass the Declaration of Independence.  Includes an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence.

Henry’s Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground RR   
by Ellen Levine
Henry is a slave, he dreams of a world where his life belongs to him.  When his wife and children are sold, he risks everything for what he knows is right.  He decides to mail himself to freedom!  With the help of some friends Henry mails himself in a big wooden crate to the free city of Philadelphia.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!    by Dr. Seuss
This is Dr. Seuss’s story about being independent and going off into the world alone—facing new challenges, getting into slumps, finding your way, and being alone.  But you’ll also take charge and make your own way in life.

Cheyenne Again    by Eve Bunting
A young Cheyenne boy, Young Bull, is taken away from his family, friends and culture and put in a boarding school to learn the white man’s way in the late 1880s.  He tries to run away, but the snow storm stops him.  Back at the school there is a teacher he likes—she tells him “never forget that you are Indian inside.”  Even though he loses his independence on the outside—they can’t take it away on the inside.

Judy Moody Declares Independence (part of a chpt book)   
by Megan McDonald
Judy Moody and her family are on a trip to Boston where they are going to walk the Freedom Trail—a path through the city that leads them to Paul Reveres house, the Beaver (the ship where the Boston Tea Party took place), and the Old North Church. Judy is also declaring her own independence from her little brother, Stink.


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