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book imageWhat Do Teachers Do (after you leave school)?
by Anne Bowen
What do teachers do after all of the kids leave school? Sit around and correct papers? take pop quizes? No way! The teachers are busy goofing off and having fun all night long.

Going NorthGoing North    by Janice N. Harrington
It is the 1960's, and Jessie and her family live in Alabama. But everyone is talking about how much better it is in the North...better jobs and better schools. But Jessie wants to stay, stay by her family and friends and Big Mama.

Always and ForeverAlways and Forever    by Alan Durant
Mole, Hare, Otter and Fox are the best of friends. Then Fox dies and the friends are so very sad. How will they be able to say goodbye to fox and live life without him?

Pocketful of KissesA Pocket Full of Kisses by Audrey Penn
Chester Racoon would like to say goodbye to his new baby brother. He even asks his mom if they can give his brother back if he, Chester, is good. But, of course, his mother says no.

Ira Says GoodbyeIra Says Goodbye   by Bernard Waber
Ira lives next door to his best friend, Reggie. Then one day Ira's sister tells him the worst news ever--Reggie's family is moving away! Ira can't believe it--then something even worse happens--Reggie wants to move away!

Goodbye, MitchGoodbye, Mitch   by Rugh Wallace-Brodeur
Michael's cat, Mitch, has always been around. He used to guard Michael in his stroller when he was little. Now Michael is about 10 and Mitch isn't eating, in fact Mitch is dieing. Michael has to say a final goodbye.

Goodbye to Griffith StreetGoodbye to Griffith Street   by Marilynn Reynolds
John's mom and dad are getting divorced and John and his mom are leaving their small mining town and leaving Griffith Street in the morning. John wants to say a special goodbye before he leaves—and when he sees the fresh snow early that morning he knows just what to do.


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