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Everybody Cooks Rice  by Norah Dooley
It’s time for dinner, but Anthony isn’t home, so his big sister Carrie checks at all of the neighbors.  At every house Anthony has just left, but Carrie stops to sample their dinner—which always includes rice—before continuing her search.

First Day in Grapes coverFirst Day in Grapes  by L. King Pérez
Chico’s family lives in California, but moves with the harvest—now they are picking grapes.  It is also the first day of 3rd grade at the new school.  Will it be better this time?

Black Cowboy, Wild Horses coverBlack Cowboy, Wild Horses by Julius Lester
Bob Lemmon, a former slave, went west and became a cowboy.  One of the best trackers Texas ever saw.  And now he is tracking wild mustangs.

Mama's Saris cover Mama’s Saris    by Pooja Makhijani
It is the little girl’s 7th birthday party and she is helping her mother pick out a sari to wear to the party.  She wants to dress up in one of the long beautiful lengths of cloth too!

Hannah is my name cover  Hannah Is My Name  by Belle Yang
When Na-Li and her family come to America from China she picks Hannah as her Amerian name.  But having an new name doesn’t mean you get to stay in America. They wait anxiously everyday to see…

Jingle dancer coverJingle Dancer  by Cynthia Leitich Smith
Jenna really wants to dance at the next powwow.  Grandma is making her a dress, but there isn’t enough time to get the jingles to make her dress sing.  Or is there?

the color of home coverThe Color of Home  by Mary Hoffman
During painting Hassan paints a picture with all of the colors of his home in Somalia—including the soldiers and the bullets.  He tells the teacher the story about his painting and soon finds new colors in America to make him happy.

The night of the moon coverNight of the Moon  by Hena Khan
It is the new moon and that marks the beginning of the Muslim holiday Ramadan, which Yasmeen loves—the food, new clothes, parties and presents. 

the name jar coverThe Name Jar  by Yangsook Choi
It is Unhei’s first day of school after coming here from Korea.  Her name is so hard to pronounce she thinks about getting a new American name—or should she?

mrs. katz and tush coverMrs. Katz and Tush by Patricia Polacco
Larnel gives Mrs. Katz a kitten, Tush, to keep her company after her husband dies.  But pretty soon Larnel is keeping her company too.  Mrs. Katz even invites him to celebrate Passover with her.

grandma's records coverGrandma’s Records  by Eric Velasquez
Every summer Eric goes to live with his Grandmother in El Barrio.  He loves listening to the beat of the congas on her records and to her stories about growing up in Puerto Rico.

i have heard of a land coverI Have Heard of a Land  by Joyce Thomas
Oklahoma "land runs" were open to everyone in 1889.  Join in the joys and hardships experienced by an African-American pioneer woman who staked a claim for free land in the Oklahoma territory. 

my name is bilal cover My Name is Bilal  by Asma Mobin-Uddin
Bilal and Ayesha were just fine in Chicago.  Why did they have to move to this new place where Bilal doesn’t see any Muslims like him?  And why do some kids bully others just because they are different?

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