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Creation Myth

Big Momma Makes the World  by Phyllis Root
This is a modern creation story.  Big Momma has a baby on her hip and the laundry is piling up—but she needs to stop and create the world.  First is light and dark, then the sun, moon and stars, followed by earth, plants and aniamls—until the 6th day when she creates people.

The Great Canoe retold by Maria Elena Maggi
Kaputano, the Sky Dweller, arrives in the land of the Kariña and tells them that soon the world will be covered in water.  They should build a great canoe to be safe.  Only four couples believe him.  When the canoe is finished they gather animals and seeds too.   And then the rains came…

Remaking the Earth  retold by Paul Goble
For the Native American peoples Creation is going on all the time.  This tells how a long time ago there was a world before this one—it became covered with water.  Now Earth Maker needs to make the world again.  Listen to hear how Turtle Island (North America) was created on Grandmother Turtle’s back.

Creation, Flood, Naming Story  retold by Norma Livo & Dia Cha
A long time ago the water came and came and came.  When the waters went down the only living things left were a boy and his sister.  They marry and soon there is a seed baby—which grows the Hmong clans and all of the animals.

Sun Mother Wakes the World  retold by Diane Wolkstein
In the beginning was darkness, silence—the earth was asleep.  But soon Sun Mother is awoken and it is time for her to wake the sleeping earth and all creatures in it.  In time she adds Moon and Morning Star, who in-turn, add first woman and  first man

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