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book imageChristmas Day in the Morning by Pearl S. Buck
Everyday the boy and his father have to get up early and milk the cows. And cows don’t get a day off for Christmas. So on Christmas day—just like all of the others—the milking has to be done. For so many years, the father has been out milking while the little ones come down to find their presents under the tree. But this year will be different—his son gives him one of the best gifts ever.

book imageMr. Willowby’s Chirstmas Tree by Robert Barry
Mr Willowby’s tree is big! So big it can’t quite fit in the parlor—so he chops off the top. The top becomes Miss Adelaide’s Christmas tree, but it’s just a bit too big—so she chops off the top. The top becomes Mr. Timm’s Christmas tree, but it is just a little to big—so he chops off the top. The top becomes… Listen to see who else will get a Christmas tree from Mr. Willowby’s Christmas tree.

book imageGreat Wolf and the Good Woodsman by Helen Hoover
It is Christmas, the animals are waiting for their friend, the Good Woodsman, to come out and give them their Christmas treat. But he isn’t coming out. Worried, they peek in and realize he is hurt. He might die if he doesn’t get help. And then the Great Wolf comes, the mighty hunter, will he hurt or help the Woodsman?

book imageMy Penguin Osbert by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Each year Joe writes a letter to Santa, and each year he doesn’t get quite what he wants; like the year he wanted a race car—he got a race car, but it was a toy race car. This year he is being very specific and describes exactly what he wants—a real live penguin named Osbert. Will Santa get it right this year? It would be so cool to have a penguin—or would it?

book imageChristmas Farm by Mary Lyn Ray
Wilma loves to garden, but she wants to plan something different next year—not the usual flowers—but what? How about Christmas Trees? Perfect, and she’ll get her friend Parker (age 5) to help. Follow Wilma and Parker from year to year as the trees slowly grow into beautiful Christmas trees. (And learn about Chirstmas Tree Farms too!)


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